Announcing the #SponsorADev Initiative

What is #SponsorADev ?

Oct 24, 2017

NEW: We will be annoucing our 5th sponsorship recipient at Mage Titans UK 2017. All conference attendees are eligble and the winner will be selected at random by the Mage Titans team.
Do not miss this event. Mage Titans UK is the original not for profit, Magento Developer focused conference. We are proud to be attending this event! The event this year is donating proceeds to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity, which we believe to be a noble cause and are excited to support!

Oct 4, 2017

In honor of the first Magento 2 certifications Bemeir LLC has decided it's time to give back to the community. Meet Magento NY 2017 is Oct 16-18 and right around the corner. In the two weeks leading up to the event Bemeir will be launching our #SponsorADev initiative. If you have always wanted to take the certification exams but lacked the funds or the push to do so, now is your chance!

This fall we will be sponsoring five @MagentoU certifications to benefit the @Magento community. Participants can apply and win sponsorship of their Magento certification.

We are sponsoring one exam of each: Magento Certifed Developer, Magento Certified Developer Plus, Magento Certfied Frontend Developer, Magento Certified Solution Specialist, and Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist in order to help five Magento professionals obtain certification. Anyone can apply regardless of need. Just tell us why you want it, and what you plan to do with it once you get it!

Ways to Enter / Nominate Someone:

  • Email and mention #SponsorADev in the subject line
  • Tweet @bemeirllc with #SponsorADev nominating yourself or someone you want to get certified
  • We will follow up with you asking why you think you or the person you nominated should be chosen!


This initiative was inspired by the example set forth by Beth Gomez, the original steward of the Magento U exams, who encouraged us to dream big and believe we could achieve certification. Beth is no longer with Magento, but her role in helping thousands of professionals advance their careers (and in turn helping propel Magento to become the world's most dominant ecommerce platform) should never go unheralded. So it is in honor of Beth Gomez that we are launching our first #SponsorADev program to benefit the Magento Community.

When will recipients be annouced?

Our first sponsorship will be announced at the Inaugural Brooklyn Magento Meetup on October 9 at 7:30pm EST on our live-stream.

After that we will be holding live drawings for the remaining recipients, with another announced on October 17-18 at Meet Magento NY 2017.

Stay tuned to this page, @bemeirllc and The Magento Brooklyn Meetup Twitter for the latest updates!

Terms and Conditions / Requirements / What you get

  • A 50% Off Exam Voucher for Magento U and full reimbursement of the other 50%. You will be getting the entire exam fee paid for. (Approx $260 value)
  • Recipients will be chosen from the eligible pool of applicants and will be selected by the Bemeir LLC leadership team.
  • You must register for the exam for yourself, not give the voucher to anyone, and follow through on obtaining your certification - That is what this is designed to do - push you to get that cert! The sponsorship is not transferrable without prior approval from Bemeir LLC.